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Trico Chemical is a technology, manufacturing, and sales company with strong global expertise in specialty chemical. We have over a decade of experience in global business, and extensive understanding of technology development, technology transfer, scale-up and manufacturing. Trico Chemical believes in serving our customers with advanced technical services, as well as leading the market with technology innovations. Through increasing collaboration with Multinational Corporation, national and internationally renowned research facilities, as well as expanding and improving its research and development department, Trico Chemical’s development capability and innovative technology are at leading positions in the field of specialty chemicals. Trico Chemical is accredited by ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004,OHSAS 18001:2007 systems, it is also recognized with the Dalian Municipal Advanced Manufacturing Safety Award. 



Our customers include multinational companies, including many in the Fortune 500 companies. We work with the customers directly to provide tailored products and services for their specific needs, and to ensure the best possible results.  We optimize existing processes, or develop new processes for implementation in our manufacturing facilities, while devoting proper attention to safety, health, and environmental issues. Trico Chemical is committed to stand out as a trustworthy partner, to never compromising our integrity and always ensuring customer satisfaction.


The company currently has 220 employees in total, including five PhD level experts, 12 Master’s level technicians and engineers; 52% of total employees are college and university graduates. The professional and highly technical team of employees works together for Trico Chemical’s technical development, manufacturing and coordination, marketing and sales, and professional management.